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A fix will be included with the next FileRun update.

The option will be available with the next update.

The share would be from you, the admin, to your client and its users. I am not suggesting a setup where the clients would interact with each other in any way.

Let's say user CLIENT is your client and ADMIN is you. Do you see any disadvantage in doing this:

1. Set the home folder of CLIENT to an empty folder. (we plan to add the option of hiding the user' home folder altogether, so that the user opens directly the first shared folder he has access to)

2. Logged in as ADMIN, share the folders you wish CLIENT should access, by right-clicking the folder and selecting the user.

instead of your current setup?

This would then allow you exactly what you have described: to prevent users from downloading files from the folders, although be able to see them there, but without having to open the control panel and disable the accounts.


Option two: use roles for the user accounts. Create a new role for each new client and assign the role to the client user accounts. If you wish to lock the client, you would only have to edit the role and remove the download permissions from it.

This option might also ease the user account creation process.


Possible option three: what if we add the option of selecting multiple user accounts from the control panel and disable them all with just one click? Then you could sort or search the list of users by the "Company" field to quickly locate all users related to a certain customer which you wish to lock out.

If the users are accessing the folder through a share, and not through their own home folders, then you can remove the download permission from the share. Would that work in your case?

In older FileRun versions, the weblinks included the full file name. We have since removed that, given that it was exposing to third-parties information about the data being share, even if the link was password protected. We wouldn't add that back as a general behavior, but if we understand the need for it, perhaps we would add a config option for enabling it back.

A help/support button, with the URL of choice, can be enabled from the control panel. The change will be available with the next FileRun update.

Thank you for the request!