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When you say the folder has many users, these users are created by the superuser/you, or by the client?

I have contacted you in private with a patch. Thank you for reporting the problem.

When the admin user edits home folder paths, he has full control, as there is no security risk.

Period characters are replaced from the user input because they have significance when dealing with file paths. If a user types ".." for the company name, his home folder will turn get created one level higher than it should. I will look into this further and see how it can be improved.

That is not how the technology works. If you lost the device, using the password recovery function in FileRun will disable the 2-step verification and provide you with a new password.

We have optimized the preview process:

- An enlarged thumbnail is being shown, instantly, while the high-res version loads, instead of the spinning icon. This allows you to quickly identify the image and skip forward if it's not the image file you are interested in.

- For file types that are supported by the web browsers (such as JPG), the files are being loaded directly, without resizing on the server, if their byte size and physical size are not very large (the thresholds are configurable).

These changes will be available with the next software update. Thank you for the improvement request!

The illegal characters will be automatically replaced with underscore characters, with the next FileRun update.