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Your report doesn't provide any troubleshooting information. Please specify the server type, the file system used, the PHP version, also the location inside FileRun where you took that screenshot from, as one cannot see if that's a regular folder or perhaps a search result.

The control panel sections can be accessed directly using a link like this:
Where section can be any of the following: users, groups, roles, alogs, wlinks, spacequota, trafficquota, importusers, exportusers, interfaceoptions, emailsettings, emailnotifications, emaillogs,filespreview, filesplugins, filespluginsdefaults, indexing, filesmisc, metadata, metadatafieldsets, loginsettings, passpolicy, oauth, oauthclients, misc, thirdparty, update, license

The change will be available with the upcoming software update.

A default PHP installation needs to be configured with a timezone, otherwise any date/time related functions (such as displaying a file's creation and modification date) fail. PHP developers let this up to each admin, to set its correct time zone. If your server isn't configured with one (although it should), or if you are using a hosting server located on different time zone, please use this guide:

You have an option for choosing the type of display the link should have:

We'll consider adding the logo on the link pages as well. Thank you for the feature request!

The URL serving the background image can be dynamic and even though that one doesn't change, the served image can. Here's an example:

"" will get you a random new pic every time.

An iOS app will be available in the first half of 2018.