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While this works great for file access, there is a downside that needs to be mentioned. That is, collaboration via any FileRun-related metadata, such as labels, tags, comments, metadata and also e-mail notifications no longer work between users that access the same files, because FileRun is referencing the files by their paths, and having symlinks means users access the same files via different paths.

Thank you for sharing your solution. We will implement an option for hiding the button, with the next FileRun update.

We will consider it. Thank you for the suggestion.

We are planning on adding an option for it.

Have you customized any of the phrases, in the translation tool? If not, the downloaded file will not contain your customization.

Are you using the latest FileRun version?

The application's default language is English, so it does not need translations. Those lines are your custom ones and some date formats. It works as expected.

The link points to very straight forward instructions:

To enable the API:

  1. Sign-in to your FileRun installation, as superuser
  2. Open the control panel
  3. Browse to Configuration > Security > API
  4. Click the Enable API checkbox and click Save changes

That's it for the enabling. You don't need to add any OAuth2 client. - server replied: Not found

That URL, when opened manually in a browser, should show the 405 HTTP errors. If it doesn't, your webserver is not configured properly.

You just need to enable the API for the apps to be able to connect: