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We will not add file management option to web links, sorry.

FileRun would not generate a thumbnail for the second image, due to it's small file size.

The first one looks fine as well.

What FileRun version are you using, what ImageMagick, and do you have any custom settings set from config.php?

Do you mind providing a sample file? The full version of the file, so that we can check to see how FileRun is generating the thumbnail for it and if we can do something to improve that.

From what I understand those are not video file formats, but only metadata files that are being used by actual games for reply.

Something must be terribly wrong with your web server, PHP or FileRun setup if you are getting such differences.

Something is definitely not working right. I see you have a valid support plan, do contact us via e-mail to troubleshoot this for you.

More than 100 items in the folder or file listing. I am referring to all of them in the same folder, listing all at the same time when accessing a folder.

On an average server, listing a folder with 1000 items, takes about 4-5 seconds for the request to be generated, and a couple more for the browser to display them (this part depends on the speed of the user's computer). A folder with a couple of hundred items takes about a couple of seconds.

We do not see such large thumbnail files. Perhaps you have increased their default size. We do not expect it to use JPG. There is no control over type or quality.

We did work on a plugin for it, and seems to work fine for smaller 3D models. It's fully browser-based and requires no third-party server for conversion, but it can be slow and even fail for large models. Also can fail with models that have external file resources.

The plugin is big, and we don't think we'll include it by default in FileRun given its very specific use, but will probably make it available as a separate download. It will be compatible with the next FileRun version, so it might take a month or two.