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(it was probably working because it was creating the archive and store it on the server while you download, but i would never implement something like this, as downloading 10gb would require 20gb of used storage on the server)

I seriously doubt it. One single byte changed since resuming and your whole download would get corrupted. Plus the effort in even trying to make that work, completely not worth it. Sorry.

It is not technically possible. You might be able to only resume individual files.

If you wish to be able to resume a large download like that, zip the items beforehand, and download from the server the zipped file. The zips that FileRun generates on the fly, cannot be resumed.

I see you focused on the saving back to FileRun via the callback URL. But, do documents from FileRun even open in OO?

Have you configured DocumentServer with valid storage location (

Sorry for missing your post. This couldn't have happened from the FileRun side.

Please read here how to update the database connection information:

Works without 2FA enabled in FileRun?

P.S. Thanks for starting a new topic for this.

Either the time on your server, or the time at your browser is not correct. By correct I mean synced, to the second. Fixing the time, will fix this issue. Good luck!

No, you will find more discussions here on this topic with the explanation why not. But there's an unavoidable technical reason for it.

Hi Hans!

I will add with the next update options for adding those links, though one can do so right now by adding text or HTML code in the login page.

Cookie prompts and options will never appear on FileRun 😈