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If you have a regular PHP error, then I can help troubleshoot. As mentioned originally, segmentation faults are not FileRun problems, but your PHP installation, or its configuration, or the way it is being executed is faulty. There is nothing we can do about it on the FileRun side.

Disable the download accelerator which is enabled in the FileRun control panel.

Thank you for sharing what worked for you!

If OO would access that FileRun URL the same as you do in your brower, the output would be "Empty contents" instead of "404 Not Found", so that is where you should look.

The codec used is surely not web/browser compatible. MOV is not a video format, but a container which can contain videos of various formats. If the codec used is not web-safe, then your only option is to download the file and play it with a desktop video player.

FFmpeg on the server serves no purposed with FileRun other than generating thumbnails for video files. Perhaps in the future it will be used to stream from various codecs to browser-safe ones, but that work is massive and at the moment there is no start date for it.

the default FileRun install with docker comes with Apache mod_xsendfile enabled from the FileRun control panel as download accelerator. This plugin is configured in the Apache configuration with a root folder where it can operate.

disability the use of the accelerator for now would be a temporary solution, unless your thumbnail cache path starts the same as the path where the user files are located.

disabling the download accelerator from the FileRun control panel, under "files", helps?