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See "$config['app']['thumbs']['output_small_filesize']" here:

You can add some custom CSS code.

The selector for the metadata values displayed on the details panel is as of the current FileRun version: ".fr-details-fields .field .value"

I'm afraid not. Would you mind sharing a bit of details on how you would find this useful?

The user interface will get considerably improved with the upcoming update and this should no longer be an issue.

I am afraid there is no option for that anymore. The thumbnails are no longer shown in the list view, as the thumbnail processing can trigger very high usage on the server.

Yes. Make sure ionCube is version 10.1+

It will be fixed with the upcoming update.

There is syntax highlighting in the current editor. Theming the editor and comparing documents is outside the scope of FileRun.

We only have one, yours.

FTP is a specific file transfer protocol, while a folder is how files are being organized in a filesystem. Folders have paths, you point a FileRun user to a folder by assigning the folder's path as the user's home folder path, when creating or editing the user account from the FileRun control panel