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cURL might be installed on the server, but the PHP cURL extension is also needed (apt-get/yum install php-curl)

Thank you for the feedback!

It came from admin requests, tired of non-technical people trying to login with wrong usernames and raising support tickets about it. While it's not the best security practice, for some cases it outweighs the disadvantage.

If you fear attacks, you can easily change both feedback messages to the same generic one if you wish, via the translation system:

You can also lower the value of the setting "Maximum login attempts".

The reason why we leave it as is, is that in many cases, the FileRun install hosts a lower number of users, and an almost in non-existent risk of brute force attempts or successes (given that FileRun protects against that by default), and providing useful feedback is better than a cryptic reason the login failed.

Can you take a screenshot of the error? (I don't have many ideas on how to help you at this point.)

Are you using an HTTPS (secure) URL?

We did receive more than one requests for achieving the same. We are going to implement it, but in a different way. It is going to be an additional user permission, so this can be turned on and off per user account. This permission, when enabled, will allow the user to delete files permanently, directly from where they reside or from the trash, and also allow the user to empty the trash. When disabled, the user will only be able to delete/move files to the trash, never permanently. The users will still have access to the trash folder, but only in order for them to see and restore items from there.
I hope this will work for your case as well.

Do you get an authentication prompt when opening FileRun in a web browser by appending "/dav.php/" to its URL? If so, after providing your valid FileRun credentials, what are you seeing on the page?

You received the e-mail message with your FileRun account, otherwise you couldn't be signed in to post this topic. From your FileRun account, you can click the option "Your Licenses" and retrieve your license key.

The 5 users Enterprise license without support, offers the Enterprise features, with a total of 5 users.

Are you accessing FileRun by the same URL?