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FileRun will not be providing to the users any sort of script/code. Users can already create weblinks on folders allowing the visitors to upload files. You can embed the links in your website if you are a web developer.

There is already a feature for broadcasting a message to all users upon login. It's called "Welcome message" and is available in the control panel under the interface options.

You have full control over the styling, thorough the CSS and JavaScript files. We won't be adding themes.

It is not something we would add to FileRun. It's too advanced and if it's for an admin user, he can achieve the same using "wget" or some other server tool.

We're working on it.

Added command line script "cron/metadata_update_file_type.php" for automatically updating files metadata. It requires an absolute file path as an argument. It can be either the path of an individual file or the path of a folder, in which case all files found inside the folder will get the metadata updated. It can be used if you frequently upload files to FileRun-managed folders using FTP (or any other third-party method) and you would like FileRun to extract and show the files' metadata.

For using this feature, install the FileRun update that has just been released (you will receive an e-mail notification about it later on).

There seems to be no API from MS that could be used for this.

It will be fixed with the upcoming update. Thank you for the bug report!

The default number has been set to 3 and a config option for a custom number has been added. It will be available with the upcoming update. Thank you for the feature request!