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FileRun updates don't usually replace files which don't need replacing. Most certainly they do not alter files which do not belong by default to FileRun (except for the rare cases where an entire folder might be replaced by an update).

The "customizables/include.html" file never gets overwritten.

Changing FileRun's code to include a header area is a complex task which requires advanced understanding of JavaScript and experience with FileRun's code.

My suggestion is that you load FileRun through a frame/iframe inside a custom HTML page of yours where you can add anything you want around the FileRun user interface. It's easier and future proof.

Setting the inactivity timeout to 0 will have the same effect as signing in with the "Remeber me" checkbox selected. If it's a shared computer, please sign out when you are done.

You might not be editing the right file, or looking for the result in the right place, or perhaps you are looking at a cached version of the page' source.

Thank you for the feature request! It will be taken into consideration and most probably be gradually implemented soon, as we are reworking some area of FileRun to better serve the power users.

I understand. This is custom text, like welcome messages, etc, and you would like to have alternatives in different languages. We will try to a find a solution for achieving this.

This was indeed a FileRun bug introduced by the January update. A fix will be included in the software update that will be released shortly. Thank you for reporting the problem!

Hi! There is a high probability that is an issue restricted to a particular setup or server configuration. Please drop us a message using this form: and we'll get back to you and help you with this in a private manner.

You mean like an easier way to preview the translation changes in the actual FileRun interface?