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You can open the file "js/flow/all.min.js" in a text editor, search for "maxSimultaneous:2" and update accordingly. You will have to clear the browser's cache for the change to take effect.

If more people vote your request, we will add a config option for it.

An option will be included with the next update. Thank you for the request!

FileRun now uses Apache Tika for indexing files for full-text searching. Setting binary to text converters is no longer an option. For a list of supported formats, please see:

More information will be available with the next update release.

Have you tried so far the version available at "/touch"?

If you have problems with your FileRun installation please contact us at We do not provide technical support through this website.

There is one. You access it by appending "/touch" to your FileRun installation URL.

FileRun has its own text/code editor and plain text files open by default with it. Please contact us via e-mail if you are running the latest FileRun version, which is not customized, and you still find yourself required to use third-party services for editing plain text files.