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Thanks for the fast reaction!

Thank you, much appreciated!

I agree with m.f - displaying the images with the correct orientation is such a basic functionality, it shouldn't take 2 years to fix. How about generating another set of thumbnails, large enough to provide proper resolution, and with the correct rotation, and displaying them instead of the full-size original?

Thank you, support just sent me an email confirming the changed email address. Since the message also contained my password, I have to say: first, please don't send passwords over email, that is terrible security practise. Second, do you store passwords in cleartext? If so, please consider switching to a salted and hashed value instead. Thanks.

That link works for changing the password. Where can I change my email?

I'm a fan of leafletjs using data provided by MapBox. Easy to implement, looks good, free up to 50,000 map views a month, and adds some interactivity like zooming or moving the map as well.