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I'm sorry but I can't send you the loader. First I'm quite sure I wouldn't be allowed to distribute it, second people contacting their support about it is the only way for them to assess the demand for a arm64/aarch64 loader.

So please just open a ticket on their support page (link above). I was very pleased with their support, they had a very short reply time and were all competent.

Make sure to include a *.html save of your phpinfo in the request so they can provide you the right version.

Today I received a new loader version 10.3.2 from the support that works like a charm. If you need one just open a ticket at

You may flag this as completed.

You are right, for the Raspberry Pi2 B they do provide a ARMv7 32bit loader. But the rock64 runs on a ARMv8-A architecture so I can't use the loader they provide on their download page. As I said the support was so kind to send me a dev-build loader for my system. For some reason that one doesn't work so I'll just have to wait and hope that they fix it anytime soon.

You are right this file doesn't belong there it was just a leftover from my previous installation from Windows. But I also tried a fresh install that doesn't have a config.php and it doesn't work either. It's just that I wasn't able to debug the fresh install at all because I can't execute it via CLI and when accessing it thru apache there is no coredump created for whatever reason. I belive that's because the problem is a low address/null pointer reference that gdb and coredump have issues with, hence the corrupt stack on backtrace.

I have somewhat given up on debugging this myself, even though I'd really like to stay with FileRun I guess I'll have to switch over to Nextcloud temporarily until ionCube provides a stable loader for aarch64.

I'm using the tools of Windows 10, but for some reason I'm able to mount my FileRun installation as a network drive but not as a network location. Both ways work when I use the FileRun demo link so there must be something wrong with my server setup.

So if you're not supposed to mount FileRun as a network drive, this issue will never come up.

I hope you know a fix for this, else I'd just leave it as it is, as this feature is just "nice to have" for me but not necessarily needed. I'll check for php errors later.

Aparently this was fixed in update 2018.11.11, so feel free to delete this report.

I finally found out what the problem was. Ghostscript uses the systems temp folder which the IUSR, that php scripts are running as, doesn't have access to by default. Granting Read/Write permissions on that folder fixed the issue for me.

That also explains why running the make_thumbs.php worked fine as it was then running as a different user.

GraphicsMagick still doesn't work at all for me. make_thumbs.php is throwing following error:

D:/path/filename.PDFC:/Program Files/GraphicsMagick-1.3.30-Q8/gm.exe: Unrecognized command 'density'. Use -help for a usage summary or see manual..

You may mark this topic as answered/fixed but please rework the docs entry about this, it is really outdated.

So, any updates on this? Still can't get it to automatically generate pdf thumbs.

Were you able to replicate this issue or might it be something with my specific setup?

Thanks alot for the quick fix! I take it the next update will permanently fix this issue without me having to replace anything.

Thanks for your answer.

I added C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.25\bin and C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.25\lib to my System Path Variable and restarted the server but pdf thumbs still don't load. Is there any log I could have a look at to see what's going wrong?