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I think installing Filerun over your existing one should make the job. You'll find the procedure a the bottom of this page :)

I would like to see this too

Ok, I solved the problem. The thumbnails are generated on a different drive to improve performance. When I move the folders containing the pictures (via SMB directly on the server I think), Filerun didn't actualise the thumbnails on the other drive and was trying to open Something which didn't exist anymore. I had to remove everything to make it work again.

I suppose then that I found a bug...

Ok, I moved the folder somewhere else, and now they are generating... Too much inside a subfolder ?

It's not related to rights, as it can generate thumbnails on up folders. Moreover, the pictures and folders were added through Filerun.

i have the same issue on my Mac OS Server installation. I tried to disable or tweak the size of images before needing the help of ImageMagick, but nothing works.
ImageMagick is configured, and detected in the admin pannel.

And I can't make the troubleshooting plugin work. It's not showing up in openwith

Use Documents 5 by Readdle.

It's reliable, and has no problem with pictures !

Sorry for bothering again... Do you plan for adding the feature also within roles ? 

Like Role A allows to it's user to access shared folder X, Y and Z ? ^^

That's the Answer I needed ! Thanks ! :)

Hello, I'm thinking about implementing Filerun for my small non profit organisation replacing Google Drive. There are some limits though, and that is folder/file permissions.

Do you plan on adding this ? I'm asking as I see no update on this thread... I would assign the same location to every user, and simply hide some folders/files to certain users.