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Sorry for bothering again... Do you plan for adding the feature also within roles ? 

Like Role A allows to it's user to access shared folder X, Y and Z ? ^^

That's the Answer I needed ! Thanks ! :)

Hello, I'm thinking about implementing Filerun for my small non profit organisation replacing Google Drive. There are some limits though, and that is folder/file permissions.

Do you plan on adding this ? I'm asking as I see no update on this thread... I would assign the same location to every user, and simply hide some folders/files to certain users.

I was able to install Filerun on the first Raspberry Pi running on a ARM cpu too, and could find incube for this cpu. Strange to not find one for you :/

I would even add a setting for dark theme to be turned on after a set time ! ;)

As no answer is coming, I am suggesting you an other option. I don't use any of these apps. Instead, I'm using "Documents" on iPhone, and connect to the filerun server through WebDav. It works like magic for me when I'm not at home.

Why Documents ? Because it has Webdav and SMB share support, letting me connect to my server (a Mac mini) on both protocoles (depending on where I am, but WebDav works at home and outside), and also to my other computers. 

Though iFile or any other app supporting WebDav could also be an option ;)

ill also add : for copying files, instead of right click only to past, add this option in the 3 dots menu on top. Would be useful for mobile or touch only devices ;)

Oh, ok, sad to hear, thought it was possible... Any chance to have that feature ? Because Office seems wanting to update the file ! (Don't know where though)

Would be a killing feature too !

Ok, no problem. I can post some screenshots if you'd like. From iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 4 ;)