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Hi, thanks for your reply.

If I install an Android app for viewing the files, this means that they would have to pulled down to the tablet before they are viewed.  They point of having the web interface with a built in viewer was to keep the documents on the server for quick access and just view when through the client.  

Is there a way to keep the documents on the server and view them through the web interface?

Hi, thanks again.

I will look at frequently indexing for targeted folders, and a less frequent reindex for the entire structure to catch any other changes.  

That would be awesome if you could amend the script so it only indexes new files.  I'm sure that there will be other people who use your software for web based access to files which are updated by other applications, so this would be extremely useful and would make the process significantly faster.

Cheers, K.

Sorry, I have a few followup questions:

I am using FileRun as a front end to various shares on a back end server.  The files on these shares are uploaded via other applications and not through the FileRun interface.  

With this in mind:

  1. I will have to schedule this reindex_files.php script to run regularly to be able to search for any new files which are added?
  2. Will this script reindex all the files in my entire directory structure (several TBs) every time it is run, or will it skip over the ones it already knows?  

Thanks again for your help.


Great, thanks for the really quick response.   

I've kicked off that script now and I'll see if that resolves the issue.