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I have to correct myself. I think when the album is accessed when logged in, it only displays the resized images (tried on Android via external access in the browser). But when you share a album via link, the whole images are loaded. Can it be changed so that when you share a folder with pictures via link that also there only the resized images are loaded? Would be great!

But the problem with no name asked when uploaded on mobile via browser is there.



Thank you very much for your answer. I already set this value. My config.php looks like following:

$config['app']['thumbs']['output_small_filesize'] = 2097152;
$config['path']['thumbnail_cache'] = '/user-files/thumbnails';
$config['app']['hidden_folder_names'][] = "@eaDir";

I don't know how to check if this options actually work, but I assume so because thumbnails are stored in this folder.

But also with this option the original photos are displayed when opened in filerun with the viewer. And I looked into the thumbnails and I saw that these files are 400x400px. Previews don't need to be the full resolution, but 400x400px is too less.

I'm not sure but I think thumbnails are only the thumbs when a folder is viewed via the grid view, but are too small for the image view. I'm thinking about thumbs when displayed in the explorer, previews when viewed. 

Can there be a option to also create a resized preview of each picture? For example you can set not to display the full resolution (when viewed inside FileRun via double click) but a resized picture (maybe a second option to define the resized size? If the picture is greater than 2000px --> resize it to 2000px, where the value 2000px could be defined by the user). And also if someone shares a folder with pictures via link, everyone viewing it would always load the full picture --> for my slow connection impractible.
All in All I really like FileRun and works best out of the solutions I tried, thank you!

Another thing I found: When uploading a filerequest via Smartphone (Android) in the browser, there is no prompt to specify a name, would be great if it would ask for a name on mobile too so that not all uploaded files are ending up in one folder.