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I updated .htaccess and reverse proxy config file to include x-forwarded-proto. But FileRun still does not save HTTPS settings. Note that I can still access https site and http is redirecting to https without any issues.

I updated "customizables" section as mentioned above, and it helped.

I am not going to spend more time on this as I believe I am ok as long as http is redirected to https.


I had this issue and I somehow managed to fix it. And then I had to delete my install of FileRun.

Now I reinstalled FileRun and am stuck at this issue as well.

I am running apache reverse proxy. Website is served using reverse proxy ssl. Original install of the filerun does not have its own ssl cert or any kind of ssl setup.

I vaguely remember that issue was fixed after I did two thing:

(1) Follow this guide to update .htaccess :

(2) create config.php file in the Customizables to point to https url of the website <--- I don't know how to do this and cannot find the guide. 

@csly004 - is this issue resolved for you?

@FileRun Support - any idea?

Great ! I'll try it out soon. Thanks for the quick response.