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yes, tested with Chrome,Firefox,Opera (in windows & MAC) + Safari (MAC only), i forgot to mention that it returns error but  when you click to cancel on the error page you see that file is uploaded (it shows on the list),original file is 101MB but on the list it shows as 122MB, when you download(it becomes 122MB) and double click to see preview looks ok, but when you try to open with photoshop or adobe indesign program says file is damaged or unknown format.

There are no any error on php_log file or activity log so i thought maybe it's because our server causing the problem (it's a brand new Dell T130 with 12TB raid), i've created windows & linux virtual machines on the other server, installed fresh OS and installed latest version of the filerun to test same files but result is not changed.

We are a small company but groving, there will be hiring to our graphical design dept. in next month and we are going to buy +5 user licence if i can't solve the issue then i need to find another solution but i don't want to give up on filerun, i'm using filerun since 3 years at home and at work it's best file management system for me.


not all tif files causing this problem, when i download a tif file from internet it uploads perfectly. This tif files are creating by our graphical design dept. we are a printing company and using filerun to manage our graphic archive.Designers preparing artworks for customers via Adobe Indesign and they are exporting artwork as tif file and when they try to upload most of them uploading well but some of them returns error, we couldn't figure it out what is the problem yet. 

We have created two tif files with using same plugins,actions etc. everything is the same only the artwork is different, one of them uploaded without any problem but the other one returned error.

Strange thing is older versions of filerun works just fine only the latest version causing this problem.

Update : installed filerun to windows with xampp latest, it's not uploading the same file, it returns the same error but the older versions of filerun works just fine with same file.

Any updates on developer side yet ?

Update : i've antoher filerun installation is under my company's website, the version was :2017-09-18 tried same file uploaded without any problem. Updated filerun to 2018.02.13 and re-uploaded the same file and uploaded without any problem. 

This thing is drives me crazy no error at any log files but not uploading the file.

Local server (returning error one) runs on Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS and without tiff files everything works just fine.

activity log is not showing any error and my php_error file is also empty

is there any other option or maybe some plugin(maybe some sort of debug bar) to catch errors ?


checked apache2 logs and activity log but no errors.

Attached file to this topic so you can test.

i've tried an MP4 file (407MB) and RAR file (119MB) both files are uploaded without any problem.

Other strange thing is when i change the file extension to anything else (bmp,zip,rar,iso,jpeg) it uploads without any error.

good to hear that, usually admin were responding questions in couple of hours but since 2-3 days they are offline :)