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hi vlad,

dou you need more details from me?

thanks again :-)


thanks for your quick response.

the batch does not fix my problem.

i can describe it a little bit more:

1. i created a test2.txt file with some text lines in it. => sync ok

2. i changed some text lines inside the text file => save it => nextcloud tries to sync it => i got the conflicted copy file

3. i changed again some text lines => now i cant save the file => it says: file is write protected

filerun activity log:


Superuser29.03.2022, 21:50Datei hochgeladentest_file.txt


Superuser29.03.2022, 21:52Datei heruntergeladentest_file.txt

nextcloud writes (tranlate from german): uploading the file is not allowed because you do not have permission to add subfolders to this folder.

is it helpful when i try to find the parts from the nextcloud log, when the file is synced?

thanks again