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Also is it skipping the STL because they're already cached?  I'm really interested in pre-caching the STLs.  That's what I've been trying to get working.

Lastest version of filerun, on a Synology NAS running command from CLI:

php -c /run/php-fpm/conf.d/filerun.ini make_thumbs.php --username superuser --size large

to test:

via filesync create folder "item1", inside it put "item1.stl" and "item1.jpg"

move "item1.stl" to parent folder so that "item1" folder and "item1.stl" are peers

rename "item1.stl" to "item 1.stl"


thumbnail will be generated 

aha.  one more thing:

if you have a directory "filename01" and a file "filename01.stl" in the same folder a thumbnail will not be generated.

maybe two fixes:

1) make_thumbs script sets permissions of generated files to the system expected ownership and filemask

2) handle the case of a file and folder having the same base name.

after a little more research:

it appears that a contributing factor may be permissions and filemask.

when running make_thumbs script it sets permissions of directories to the current user, however then the web user www-data cannot edit those directories.

I'm cleaning up permissions which is fixes a few cases of thumbnails not being generated.  but there's still something odd around certain entries in the directory view not ever recognizing they have a thumbnail.  It's like if they fail a certain number of times they stop trying to check for thumbnails.

I suspect that when I switched computers it still had not been cached by the thumbnailer.  when I ran the cron script it got a thumbnail.  now when I log in with "fresh" browsers it correctly gets the thumb.  safari does interesting things with sharing browser history across computers nowadays too that may be making this more unusual.

let me know if you need a login to my instance to make sure I'm not insane.

3.3mb, 24.6mb, 24.4mb and 36.3mb

I've noticed that 500mb files can't be thumbnailed likely because I run out of ram or swap.

But everything else can thumbnail up to approximately 325mb.  The only thing I can determine is that they were uploaded via the web interface and not synced via Nextcloud.

one more piece of data, when I refreshed, logged out, logged in, soft refreshed, hard refreshed inside safari they don't change.

when I log in via chrome or safari privacy mode, the thumbnails worked and refreshed with the new correct orientation.

Is there a super aggressive cache header that's being sent for safari for that 3dcube image?

here's an example:

View of the file via t.php

View of the file in the directory listing

I would typically just force a reload of the file with javascript but don't know how to include or trigger that from a plugin.

I was able to get the script to work in that it can exec() commands and I can manipulate the file.

However I cannot get the file listing screen (with the thumbnails or the list) to trigger a refresh of the cached thumbnail image.  When I delete the cached thumbnail, t.php successfully recreates the thumbnail with the newly edited file.   However the directory listing stubbornly holds on to the cached file.  Is there a way to dirty the file so that it refreshes, or to provide a post-execute hook that can execute javascript on the listing/directory page?  I could go and reload the thumbnail manually if there was a facility for running javascript on the directory page without it being in a popup (unless I'm just not seeing this)

Thanks as always.  This is great software and I really appreciate you taking time to help me out with this.

If I can get a few of these things a little more elegant I'd like to talk about setting up a paid version for helping digital sculptors release files to their subscribed users.

I was going to make a pull request but the change for the orientation is so small I'm lazy:

in loadModelSTL: function()


mesh.rotation.set(0, -Math.PI/2, 0);    =====>  mesh.rotation.set(-Math.PI/2,0,0);

Then the rotation in the viewer will match the rotation in the thumbnail generator