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Legend, thanks Vlad as always for the quick response.

As a side note, adding it to the supported image types for ImageMagick allows for thumbnail creation.

Would be good to be able to view the images though.

One more question, is there some way to get the file creation date if available.

I'm fine for image, using the exif data, but I can't get it for videos easily, since you have it available is there a method to retrieve it that I can use?

I've made a bit of progress, but having trouble renaming the file as it loses its metadata.

Is there a way to get filerun to move the file (through code) instead of:


Here's my current code

Upload.php - Gist

Makes sense.

The custom event script will work well, do you have any documentation on what properties are available to change. What i will try to do is:

1) Check to see if the filename looks like a uuid using $data['file_name']

2) See if the extension is an image using $data['file_ext'] - Is there a way I can check if its a photo easier?

3) Change the metadata description to save the old filename - Is there a way to get the Description field

4) See if in the upload to folder the filename exists (if it does, increment the end till the name doesn't exist) - Is there a way to get all filenames in the upload to folder?

5) Rename file based on creation date - is there a way to get file creation date