Your comments

Hi Vlad,

max 2 gig zip, or it's php I don't know, unzipping takes time there is a limit. Synology runs in trouble. A quick test on a local machine does the same!

Well about that 10000 files, i'm sorry to say that is nothing. I use jpg, just for testing. Our data, runs and pulls sensor data and fills and could create a multiple that in one directory easy. (even dropbox, mega, or google docs can handle that).

That's one situation, the reverse is also needed. A small number of very big files, but searchable.

Are you saying that filerun isn't capable of handling big data? The next fase would be indexing, searching sharing, deleting and things like that. Could filerun handle this?

I will try to point to a existing folder with a user and see how that goes. (the folders will be big)