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Understood.  Perhaps if it were an advanced setting (i.e. which actually requires creating a php file to configure the option) it would 'filter out' less-technical people from accidentally enabling it.  If one goes to the effort of making that file & adding the necessary php code...they probably did so pretty knowingly/deliberately ;)

Bummer - I don't use Twitter.  I guess I'll just check back every so often ;)

Alright, I guess I'll use a cronjob from the host system to delete the folder for now.  Seems like a prime candidate for a very easy option tho - to avoid having to 'externalize' this behavior as the only thing managed by outside the container.

That solved it.  Note that this was a fresh/from-scratch installation, so I guess there's an issue with the default setup ;)

Ah!  Makes sense - I thought notifications applied to the user accessing the link, not based on the user who created it :)

However, it seems that it won't let me add the superuser to any group.  I try to create a group, click "Add Users," but the selection box is empty (just the same as when trying to select users in the notification setting).  The superuser is my only user.

Awesome!  Is there some thread somewhere (i.e. github, etc) that can be followed to be notified when this works? :)

How can this be automated in the Docker version?  Adding a cronjob would be lost whenever the container is destroyed.

(Seems like this would be a pretty common need, no?  It's hard to imagine most users desiring files never to be truly deleted, as storage usage would grow infinitely...?)

But wouldn't that not handle for web links (i.e. not accessed by a specific user - just creating a share link & sending someone the URL)?

Is adding support for link-sharing from an app anywhere on the roadmap?

I guess this might be similar to my other issue ( of also not being able to easily create links from Windows (without having to separately launch the browser). IMHO it does feel quite cumbersome to have to take so many steps:

Photo->Share Menu->NextCloud (which uploads the file)->launch a browser->Login (if logout period has passed)->Navigate to the photo you just uploaded->3 dots->Share->Web link->Copy->Done button.

Compare to i.e.:

Photo->Share menu->Share with Dropbox->Create link. Done & ready to be pasted.

So they'll just remain forever, growing infinitely without bound?

If that's the case, how can I disable trash entirely? So when i.e. items are deleted by NextCloud, they're deleted (and don't require a separate manual action to complete the deletion)?