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I meant globally, for all links (rather than taking the extra step of enabling them one at a time for each separate link) - as well as for other non-link-specific notifications available in the mentioned settings.  Basically, to be notified if anyone does anything with the instance (rather than if 'one specific user does anything with the instance,' or if 'anyone does something with one specific link').

Yup, I understand that the desktop app isn't developed for you directly - however, it is the client that's listed as filerun's "Desktop sync app," so it does appear to be the "officially-suggested" client ;)

So just to be clear: is this something that's not currently possible/doable with any Windows software (i.e. can't be done with filerun via any of the other webdav client apps, either)?

If not, is it something that might possibly be supported in the foreseeable future?

I totally understand that implementing each thing does take work - but for what it's worth, sharing from Win Explorer is indeed something supported by pretty much every 'Google drive-like' sharing app (i.e. QNap's QSync, Synology's Cloud Station, SeaFile, DropBox, etc). I absolutely LOVE filerun's web UI for viewing...but the speed & ease of sharing is certainly a very important factor :)