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if i set this line in the config:

$config['thumbs']['output_small_max_filesize_without_size_check'] = 20971520

everything is running smooth, the users are able to browse the galery quicky in full resolution.

though the cron job for processing thumbnails wont process newly uploaded images.

therefor i have to reset the config file, and rerun the cron job for the thumbnails, and vice versa.

so for me, and simply for many other users (see forum posts about thumbnails, preview, images processing),

filerun isnt able to handle image galleries like modern html5 sites do. (quickbrowsing/preview/full resolution images etc)

if you dont think so, pls tell us how to setup filerun for a modern browsing experience :)

thanks in advance

we are still missing a solution for our photo gallery. there are so many neat solutions around, for example: [removed]

Thats exactly the line i was looking for, works like a charm.

I couldnt find this configuration line in any of your documentations. Might be helpful for other users too.

One more question, related to this topic:

Is there any chance to set a different thumbnails size other than 400px?

thanks for your very quick response.

as i dont know the limitation we face within php and filerun,

the best solution would be, to be able to browse a small photo-libary with around 5.000 images from web.

there arent any bandwith limitations, as most people got 100mbit internet speed at their homes.


First of all, thanks for this nice software.

For now the only limitation on filerun is the image gallery. As adriaan mentioned the thumbnails are too small for browsing a lot of photos, and in the other hand, graphicmagick/imagemagick is to slow with processing the images in the preview. :(

Are there any chances for improvements?

Thanks alot!